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touchy b.i
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Donghae and SMTOWN family at SMTOWN Tokyo :3
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on the way 2 steal ur girl
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This Ain't It
Taeyang feat. Ailee
(이게 아닌) This Ain’t It - Taeyang feat. Ailee

ailee getting a surprise call from taeyang


Thank you for caring Taeyeon even lately not close like past time..but i know you always pay attention to her..thank you, you always smile if Taeyeon look at you or doing something in front you..thank you..

Thank you for always being angel for Sunny..always watched her, protect her, and caring her..even you don’t like when Sunny act cute like aegyo but you crying when Sunny sick..that’s means a lot to Sunny..thank you..

Thank you for always together with Tiffany when in the difficult time..thank you for understand Tiffany because you always know how her feeling..even you love to making fun to her but you know she always forgiving you..thank you..

Thank you for the friendship for 15 years..thank you for always holding Hyoyeon hands no matter how situation..thank you for understand Hyoyeon though always fight and argue but end up with  a hug..thank you..

Thank you for being on the side of Yuri..thank you for being good sister even though she’s  younger than you but you are always looking for Yuri as who first searched to hugging..thank you..

Thank you for being the first person to always cheer Sooyoung if she cries..even not telling the problem, you and her understand each other with just read expression on face ..because you and Sooyoung already know for a long time..thank you..

Thank you for always doing something stupid with Yoona and laugh together..even you don’t like aegyo but you always say cute to Yoona..thank you always cheers her and give motivation for her..thank you..

Thank you for take care Seohyun and thanks to always encourage her when she is down..even you don’t like she habit to talk about health..but you always take care Seohyun like your own sister..thank you..

Jessica..thank you for being part Girls Generation..your name Ice Princess but i found you really cute and attractive really kind to member and to SONE..even you not in Girls Generation again but i will support you..i don’t believe the rumors, news about you and member..what i do believe is you and the girls have strong bond..hope you always happy and please take care..

Thank you for everything Jessica..

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be natural

be natural

seventeen of ? chapters of blondkai dedicated panegyric.

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EXO - K for Lotte Duty Free!

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