"The agency is understanding that this situation was not a big deal. After we assess more carefully, we will inform you of anything more that needs to be shared." (x)

In order to be liable for a sexual harassment, the person does not necessarily have to have a sexual motive or intent. It can be inferred and proved by totality of situation such as the relationship with the person, place and circumstance of the behavior, content of the clear and referred response of the behavior, content and degree of the act, whether the act is ephemeral or short-timed or continual. There must be an act that provokes sexual mortification and repugnance to an average person who are in the similar situation generally, and from that the average person should feel the sexual mortification and repugnance. Therefore, a sexual harassment can not be established not merely for the reason that counterpart felt sexual mortification and repugnance without provoking sexual mortification and repugnance to the average person in the similar situation objectively. (x)
sexual harassment should never be tolerated. 
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All the members are warming up normally for the dance. And then we have Onew…


All the members are warming up normally for the dance. And then we have Onew…

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Large scan.

Large scan.

Anonymous asked:
i don't like shinee



don’t come to me with that bullshit.

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